This section presents the key figures in regards to your reviews.

Review count is the quantity of reviews submitted according to the time frame selected with the filter. 

The Overall average is calculated on the basis of all criteria your customers have rated in the questionnaire.

The Comment rate displays how many reviews you have publicly responded to.

The Net Promoter Score shows you the results of the question “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”. It is a number between -100 and 100. 

The Return rate indicates what percentage of all customers asked have completed the survey. Total shows the overall return rate, summing up the results of the 1st invitation as well as the reminder email (if applicable) sent. To determine the influence of each invitation the return rate is further split into 1st invitation and Reminder. When hovering over the info icon, you will see the exact number of customers that have been asked to submit a review and the number of customers who submitted one.

With the filter in the top right corner, you can select several options to refine your report, e.g. for a specific date range or focusing on a specific criteria.

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