The competitors' section enables you to compare your performance with selected competitors. We advise choosing hotels that are located in the same area/city and have similar standards (e.g. same star rating). If you would like to change or add a competitor, please contact our support team for assistance. 

The first two tiles give you information on your own performance on external portals during the selected time period by displaying the satisfaction index and the number of reviews you received from guests. 

The remaining two tiles show the average guest satisfaction and number of reviews, your competitors collected on external portals.

The Competition overview provides you a detailed breakdown for each competitor regarding the number of reviews, the average rating, and the comment rate. By clicking on the small arrows next to the headings, you are able to sort each category ascending or descending. 

Review Distribution
Furthermore, you have the option to display the review distribution as a pie chart and the average rating as a bar chart. The pie chart can be printed or downloaded for further usage by clicking on the chart context menu.

Portals’ Rating
In case you want to compare yourself to competitors on specific external portals, the portals’ rating provides a table with the average rating for each portal. Graphs will visualize the results of analyzing development compared to your competitors.

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