It is likely that you set goals for each quarter or year which you intend for your business to achieve. Analyzing how your business is performing in relation to that annual or quarterly goal becomes transparent through the setting of targets. 

Please keep in mind, that the shown data refers to the set time frame in the filter. 

By clicking on the target column, you can set goals for average rating and comment rate per portal or overall average. You may set a different target for Google reviews than for your own survey sent out through Customer Alliance. Simply click on the target column to define your goal for each portal.

In regards to comment rate, you can even set targets for positive, neutral, and negative reviews. For example,if you aim to respond to all negative reviews, set your target to 100% in the last column.

In the graphs below, you gain a quick overview of whether you have achieved your targets or not. The icons are color-coded to be green if you have achieved your goals, and red if they have been missed.

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