The Pre-Stay function enables you to get in touch with your guests prior to arrival. Useful information, like check-in times or parking space availability can be shared with the guests in order to prepare the stay. Further, you may include feedback questionnaires to collect data for the registration form or to offer additional services.


In order to send out pre-stay messages, you have to check the “Activate Pre-Stay” box. Only when this box is checked, the emails will be sent out.

In the settings you can further decide, whether you want to include stay and Front Office contact information in the email or not. 

The “sending option” lets you decide how long before the arrival date the Pre-stay email should be sent out. 

Pre-Stay Invitation

In this tab the text of the Pre-Stay invitation email can be edited. The standart text has been translated into numerous languages, which you can see in the drop down at the right. When individualising the text in one language, please keep in mind that the changes are not automatically transferred to the other languages. If you want to conduct changes in several languages you have adjust the text in each language individually. 

Through the icon “styled link” you can insert buttons with links to feedback questionnaires in the Pre-Stay message. Simply insert the link (to get the link go to feedback questionnaires -> general settings -> copy link) and the text you want to be displayed. The color of the button will be determined by the selected color in the menu item “Design”. 

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