The section Post-Stay refers to the review invitation, which will be sent out to your guests.


In this section you can adjust the general settings of the invitation email.

Primary invitation channel:

The primary invitation channel determines through which channel guests will receive the review invitation. can be selected. It is always preset on Email, but can be changed to SMS, if you solely want to send out invitations via text message. When choosing the Email option it is further possible to select whether a text message should be send if there is no email address available, but a cell phone number. In case you don’t want to send out text messages at all, we recommend to select the “Do not send” option. When using the SMS option, please keep in mind, that additional SMS packages have to be purchased, as soon as the 25 trial SMS have been used up.

Reminder invitation:

Activating the “reminder email” box, will send out a second review invitation to the guest after a certain period of time. Sending out a reminder can have a positive effect on your return rate. It will not only remind guest to leave a review, who might have forgotten to do so, but also gives guest who accidentally deleted the first invitation another chance to review their stay. 

Sending cycle:

The sending cycle determines when the review invitations will be sent out. You can select how many days after the departure the first invitation should be sent out and how many days afterwards the reminder should be sent out. For example if you choose to send out the first invitations 2 days after departure and the reminder invitation after 4 days, the guest will receive the reminder invitation 6 days after departure.

The option for repeating guests is especially useful if you have many frequent guests. To avoid sending them review invitations after every stay, you can set up a number of weeks after which a review invitation is sent out again. Even if the guest is inserted in the guest list, the system will automatically recognize the email address and not sent out an email, if the departure is still during the selected amount of weeks. It is always preset on 26 weeks, which would mean a guest would receive only two review invitations a year, even if he/she would come every month ( provided the same email address is being used): 

First invitation & reminder invitation

For both, the first invitation and the reminder invitation, a standard text has been set up, which was professionally translated in about 30 languages. When adjusting the text, please be aware that it will not automatically change in the other languages as well. Therefore, each language has to be changed individually. We recommend to individualize the languages that are most important for your business and to use the standard text for the other languages. 

In the blue box underneath the text, you can preview the invitation/reminder email or send yourself a test email. When sending yourself a test email, you can further select the different portals that are set up in your distribution. This gives you the opportunity to see exactly what a guest has to fill out in order to give a review. 

Depending on your settings regarding the invitation channel, you can also adjust the text of the SMS invitation and send yourself a test SMS.

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