What is CES

How CES is calculated?

How to create a CES questionnaire on the platform?

How should we use CES to increase Customer Satisfaction?

What is CES?

CES - Customer Effort Score - measures customer satisfaction based on ease to complete a specific task. CES asks customers to rate the difficulty they face with the organization's services. The CES metric is an indicator of how easily issues get resolved, it doesn’t really assess if a customer is satisfied with the service.

How is CES calculated?

  • The CES is measuring the effort of a service experience. It is usually introduced with “The company made it easy for me to do XYZ” and respondents are asked to review the ease on a scale from 1- Strongly disagree to 7- Strongly Agree

  • CES questions are available up for all Customer Alliance public surveys and feedback forms

  • In the Dashboard and in the Review Cards we show the Score from 1.0-7.0. In the statistical pages of the platform, the CES is displayed in % to allow better comparison with the other Scores such as the CSAT ( that is also presented in %)

How to create a CES question on the platform?

CES is a new type of predefined questions in our Questionnaire. We went live with a comprehensive set of predefined questions

Statistics are collected in questionnaire statistics.

How should we use CES to increase Customer Satisfaction?

NPS, CES, and CSAT are the 3 main VOC scores. Businesses use CES as a way to understand determine brand loyalty drivers after a single interaction. 96% of customers become more disloyal after a high-effort interaction with a company compared to only 9% of those having a low-effort experience.

The CES is transaction-based, companies can use it after a customer support interaction, after a purchase, or after registering for an event. The CES is most commonly utilised in measuring customer experience to improve issue-resolve time.


  • The CES offers actionable data regarding any weaknesses a company may have at each touchpoint.

  • The Companies will know where they can improve

  • CES tells a company how user-friendly its products or services are, which can indicate customer adoption and renewal.

  • By acting on insights and removing obstacles for the customer, companies can reduce costs and increase loyalty.

  • CES is an easy survey to deploy and track overtime


  • The CES functionality still has a lot of limitations on our platform.

  • The CES doesn’t give the full picture and it’s better to be used in tandem with NPS.

  • As there are several scales for how to measure customer satisfaction via CES, companies lack an industry standard score to use as a benchmark.

  • There’s also no customer segmentation, so you can’t learn from CES which type of customer had an issue.

  • The CES only gives results of whether customers find it difficult to use a service or not. Clients can’t determine what exactly was difficult or why a process was difficult unless you add a free text follow-up to the CES question.

If you want to know more about how to set up Customer Effort Score for your company, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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