Reduce Friction For Your Customers

Previously, customers reached your survey via a button in your invitation email. With our new feature, they can answer the first question directly in the email.

On answering this question, your customer will be taken straight to the full survey to pick up where they left off. Their response will be saved, and their screen will automatically focus on question number two.

With a seamless transition from the email invitation to the survey, the in-email survey feature reduces friction, resulting in even more responses. Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

  • To display in the email, your first survey question must be a ratings-style question such as NPS, CSAT or CES. If it is free text, multiple choice or any other type of question, the invitation email will show the original button to take customers to the survey.

How To Set It Up

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and click ‘Automated sending’

  2. Click ‘Edit’ on your email invitation and then ‘Show first question in email’

  3. To see what it will look like, just click the ‘Preview’ button. You’re good to go!

Flow to enable the feature

  1. On the Automated sending page, enable the “show first question in email” option

    1. The [%questionnaire%] placeholder also works for in-email question

    2. “Preview mode” also works for in-email question

    3. Custom HTML invitation email will not be supported for this feature

  2. Make sure that the first question on the questionnaire is a rating question (CSAT/CES/NPS)

    1. If not - On the email, the button will show up instead of the question view (fallback)

  3. Distribution: It will only show for CA questionnaire (distribution to CA questionnaire)

    1. If other distribution, the button will show up

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