2.1 User settings
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The main navigation menu is on the left hand side of the page. Below the account’s name, you can see your Customer ID. When contacting the support team, please always refer to this number.

Expanded vs collapsed version of the main menu:

You are able to decide if you want to see the menu in full, expanded version or if the menu should be collapsed and reduced to give you more space on the screen to see the data. For expansion, all you need to do is hover over the menu:

2.1 User settings

By clicking on the smiley – last position in the main menu (highlighted in red in the screenshot above), you will see the following options:

  • Personal details

  • User Management

  • Refresh portals data

  • Contact us

  • Logout

2.1.1 Personal details

In this section, you can upload a profile picture, change your system language or change your password. You can also verify your personal details (name and salutation).

2.1.2 User Management

Depending on your permissions, you can add new users and adjust the individual access rights for each user. You may also delete users. Please keep in mind that only one user per email address can be created.

2.1.3 Refresh portals data

Reviews from external portals, such as Google, Booking.com, Facebook etc. are displayed on your Customer Alliance platform. Every night, we will analyze if there are new reviews or new comments on the existing reviews. By default, this check will be performed for the last 4 weeks only. In case you have commented on reviews that were submitted more than 4 weeks ago, the system will not automatically find your comments. By clicking on the button “Refresh portals data” the data will be queued to be refreshed in your backend and the Comment Rate will be updated accordingly.

*You will be able to manually refresh the data up to 3 times per day

2.1.4 Contact us

Here you will find the telephone numbers and email address of our Support Team. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

When contacting the Support Team, please always refer to your Customer ID, which can be found below the account's name.

2.1.5 Logout

Clicking on it will immediately log you out of your Customer Alliance platform.

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