3.1 My KPI's
Written by Stewart Taylor-McLaughlin
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On the platform, we provide you with two subsections for our Dashboard.


- My KPIs: customizable dashboard with your selected KPIs.

- General Overview: displays pre-defined indicators.

My KPIs subsection gives you the opportunity to fully customise your dashboard with your top KPIs. By default you will find here the following tiles:

  • Public Reviews Score

  • Reviews

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Competition

  • Review Invitation and Reminder

  • Sub Account Overview

3.1.1 How to add a new tile or delete the existing one

If you want to add a new tile, you just need to click the “Edit” button next to the Overview label. Select the topic you'd like to see appear in the dashboard from the drop-down list and add it.

When you are in edit mode, you can also delete the not-needed tiles by clicking on the bin in the upper right corner of the tile. Being in this mode you can also arrange the selected topics in any order you wish.

3.1.2 Sub Accounts Overview

In the tile Sub Accounts Overview, you will see the results for all the different surveys according to the time range selected in the filter (take a look at the screenshot above).

You may sort the contents of this table simply by clicking on each headline (Score, Reviews, Comment rate, Business NPS, Brand NPS). That will provide you with a quick overview about which survey has the best/worst score for that metric.

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