4.2 Alerts
Written by Stewart Taylor-McLaughlin
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An overview of all alerts can be found in the Analytics 360° menu. The yellow number next to the menu item Alerts directly shows you how many of them are still open.

4.2.1 Stream

In the stream, all open and closed alerts are displayed. The filter function can be used to search for specific time ranges, alert types and statuses.

When hovering with the mouse over each alert, the following actions become available:

  • See suggested actions or go to the related review

  • Add to-do: assign a to-do to yourself or a to a colleague

  • Change the status of the alert: once you have handled it, mark it as completed by selecting “Resolved” in the drop-down at the upper left corner

4.2.2 Statistics

The Statistics tab gives you an overview of how many alerts have been generated in a selected time frame. Besides the total number of generated alerts, the amount of open (unresolved) and completed (resolved) insights is displayed. Based on those numbers, a resolve rate is calculated.

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