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This section enables you to easily track your position in the city ranking and your development over time.

The Tripadvisor city ranking is a popularity ranking, which is applied to hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. It emphasizes the importance of steadily acquiring reviews and engaging with guests. The more new reviews you generate, the greater the chance of ranking higher on Tripadvisor. If you fail to consistently collect reviews from your guests, your ranking will decrease.

City Ranking

The first tile shows your current rank. This value is not affected by the selected time frame and reflects the ranking as of today. Further, the number of businesses included in the city ranking is stated. The number of businesses is set by Tripadvisor and can not be influenced by Customer Alliance. The number in brackets indicates whether your ranking improved or declined compared to your previous position.

Average Rating

The shown rating indicates the average position of your business for the selected time frame.


In this section, you can find your selected competitors and their position in the city ranking. Please keep in mind that the competitors you selected, might not be grouped in the same city ranking by Tripadvisor. This might happen if you selected a competitor, who is not located in the same city.

Finally, clicking Business Details in the Actions column will show you how the mentions are split between each of your locations or businesses. Again, you can find this function on both the Main Topics and sub-topics pages.

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