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In Stream, you will find all individual reviews in chronological order. The portal logo in the left corner of each review indicates the origin of the review.


In the filter, you can select several options to gain a better overview of specific reviews, such as filtering by time frame, rating range, or even specific words a customer might have mentioned in a review.

For example:

  • Adjust the time frame to only see reviews of the last week

  • Select one portal to gain an overview of your results there

  • Adjust the rating range to analyse your reviews below 40% satisfaction

You may also search for a keyword such as “staff” to see how many times it has been mentioned in a specific time period and browse through the reviews mentioning it.

Customer Alliance Reviews

Next to the rating, you can see who the review is from and when it was submitted. The first name is the one stated by the guest in the questionnaire. If “no public name” is shown, it means the guest wishes to stay anonymous. Should this be the case, please make sure not to mention the name when commenting on the review. The name in brackets is the name from the guest list. Further, you can see when the review was submitted and in which language.

Customer Alliance reviews will be published 72 h after being submitted. For unpublished reviews, the exact publication time is stated.

By clicking on the little arrow under the general comment text in the review, the review field will expand to view how each criteria was rated:

The travel type and age are displayed in the row below the rating criteria. This row further offers the option “Show on widget”. Selecting this option will publish the review text in the widget preview.

Note: The widget must be integrated into your website for this option. If this option is selected for more than one review, a different text will be shown every hour.

Below the review, the following actions are available:


To quickly understand the feedback from the customer in any language, click on this button to see the answers in your preferred language.


Using the “Comment” function will result in showing your comment publicly below the review of the guest.

Responding to reviews will increase the trust of your website visitors, as future guests can see that feedback is important for you. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, they will underline that your reviews are authentic. However, how you react to these critical reviews is important.

We recommend writing your response under the perspective that future guests will read it, not only the customer who has submitted it.

It is possible to save template responses so that they can be used in the future. Additionally, it is possible to save a draft of your comment, in case you are unsure about your response and want a colleague to revise it before publishing it.

In case you like to write a private message to your guest in order to thank him/her for his/her feedback or respond to his comments, simply click on the check box “Send your comment also via email to the guest”. The comment field will expand and you can either copy your comment from above, use one of your own templates or write an individual text to your guest. You can take both actions at the same time or individually. Therefore, it is possible to send a response to your guest, but not publish any comment.


Some of your team members might not have access to the backend of Customer Alliance. You can still inform them about specific reviews by clicking on the Forward button. When clicking on “Forward” you can enter the email address of your colleague or colleagues (separated by semicolon) and write your personal message along with it. This will allow you to ask them for feedback in case of critical comments or forward positive feedback to motivate them.

Dispute Process

With the dispute process, you are able to respond to complaints and criticism of your guests. It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with a guest to clear up misunderstandings and offer solutions for complaints.

All ratings less than 60% are automatically considered a complaint and the dispute process is activated. You can use the filter to search for reviews with open or closed dispute processes.

For reviews with a rating above 60%, the dispute process can be activated by clicking “open dispute”. Once a dispute process is activated you have a processing time of 14 days. After that, the dispute process is closed and can not be reopened.

You can send the guest a message through the “dispute process” tab. Thereupon, the guest has the opportunity to delete the review or to replace it with a new one.

If the guest decides to delete or revoke the review, a note will appear in the review underneath the rating. The publication date will still be visible, however, a deleted review will only appear in your review stream and won’t be published.

Reviews from External Portals

For all reviews from external portals you can use the following options:

  • translate

  • forward

  • add task

The comment option differs regarding the portal.

Google, Facebook, and Booking.com reviews:

You can set up a connection to your Google my business, Facebook, and Booking account in order to publish comments directly through the Customer Alliance back end.

To set up the connection go to Settings > General > Portal accounts or use the disclaimer in the comment tab of a review.

If the connection hasn’t been established, you have to comment on reviews via the copy and redirect option (see other external portals).

Benefit of the Booking connection: Connecting to booking will enable us to get more information from the reviews, the categories rating score will be displayed.


Comments for HolidayCheck reviews can be published through the Customer Alliance backend. However, when publishing the comment, a pop-up will open, asking for your HolidayCheck login credentials. In case you have trouble commenting on HolidayCheck reviews, please check your browser's pop-up blocker settings. If the pop-up is blocked, you won't be able to publish your comment.

Other External Portals

For all other external portals (such as Tripadvisor, Expedia, Yelp,...) you can use the Customer Alliance backend to write the comment and benefit from using your templates. However, the comment will not be published automatically. Using the “copy and redirect” button will copy the drafted comment to your clipboard and open the portal in a new tab where you can paste the comment to the review.

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