7.2 Email
Written by Stewart Taylor-McLaughlin
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For reports you need on a regular basis, you can set up an automatic email report. The following 3 reports are set up from the beginning:

1. An immediate report about every new Customer Alliance review

2. A daily report about new external reviews

3. A weekly report about all reviews

It is possible to adjust each report by clicking on the edit button next to each notification. You can for example include additional email recipients, change the frequency or add/change criteria. The email recipients you add, don’t have to have an own user account.

Adding new reports

To add new reports, simply click the button at the top right.

Afterwards, you can select the topic of the report and depending on the topic, you may also choose which portals and criteria should be included.

Further, you have the option to select the language in which you would like to receive the report and to choose a name and email subject.

In this section you can also decide whether you would like to attach the report as an Excel file.

The time frequency can only be set up for reports with the topic “The summary of my reviews and ratings”, as all other reports are sent out immediately after receiving a new review.

You can add as many recipients as you like, by clicking on the plus and inserting the names and email addresses.

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