8.1 Targets
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Access the “Define & track” section from the main navigation menu:

It is likely that you wish to set goals for each quarter or year which you intend to achieve. Analysing how you are performing in relation to that annual or quarterly goal becomes transparent through the setting of targets.

In order to manage and view your Targets, please navigate to the Target Section in the Menu navigation (Define & track > Targets):

Create a Target

To create a target follow below steps:

  1. Click on the button to “Add a new Target”

  2. Select and define the details of the new target

  3. Target name

  4. Date Range

  5. Target Type (you can choose target type from the drop-down list)

  6. Portal

  7. Target Value (only add the number, it will be handled as % or Score depending on the Target Type)

  8. Save

Target name

This will be displayed in the Target List view and helps you identify it. The Target list is the start page when navigated to the Target Section.

Target Type

You can choose between the following options:

  • Comment rate

  • CSAT Score

  • CES Score

  • NPS Score

  • Public Reviews Score

  • Portals Score

  • Alerts Resolve Rate

Target Value

Only add the number, it will be handled as % or Score depending on the Target Type.

Note: The Creator and Assignee will always be prefilled depending on the user and navigated area you are logged in with. The target will be visible only to the Creator and the Assignee. This includes all Assignee hotels (in case of hotel chain) as they contribute in achieving/failing of the Target.

Set Targets for the Hotel Chain

In order to create a target for a hotel beneath you, you need to navigate to the respective level:

  1. Open the navigation on top of the page

  2. Select and navigate to the Assignee for the target (double click)

  3. In the target section you can now create a target for a selected hotel belonging to a hotel chain. You will remain as the Creator.

Note: The target will be assigned to a chain and a hotel below the selected level. It will also be displayed in their target list.


  • Each chain account user should be able to create targets for a specific KPI to all accounts below. When the chain user creates a target on their level, it will be set to all accounts below.

  • If the chain account user wants to create a target for a specific sub chain in the hierarchy, he should navigate to this account’s target page and create the target there, it will be associated with his/her user account.

  • Each chain account user can display any targets set to any account below by a higher chain account in the hierarchy by navigating to this specific account.

  • Chain accounts cannot see targets set by any account below their level. Only targets set by higher levels.

Target List

Below you can see an overview of the Targets that you created or that were assigned to you.

  • You can filter by target start- or end date

  • Sort by:

    • Target & Data range

    • Creator

    • Target Type & Value

    • Progress vs Current Value

    • Target Status column ( Pending, Open, Closed)

  • Quickly identify your current progress for the Target but also identify how many businesses are assigned to the target and not performing well

  • If multiple businesses are included in a Target, you can navigate to the Business Details view (see Business Details) by clicking on the target

Edit/Delete a Target

In order to edit or delete a target, click the edit icon on the right side of the table. Only the Creator of a Target (and users of the same Account) are able to edit or delete Targets.

Note: Editing / Deleting will update the target values for all accounts included in this Assignee.

Target statuses


  • Failing: When the status is Open and current score < Target

  • Failed: When the status is Closed and current score < Target

  • Achieving: When the status is Open and current score > = Target

  • Achieved: When the status is Closed and current score > = Target

  • No data collected / Waiting for a data: It simply means that no data has been collected for this target yet

Business Details

To drill down on the details view on how the surveys included for a target are performing, the Business Details view will give you a nice and quick overview.

All relevant information about the target settings is mentioned in the top section of the page.

The main Target Assignee is displayed as a benchmark on top of the table.

Sorting is possible for all columns.

Note: The table only considers business with data for this Target and marks it as e.g. Achieving... or Failing... If e.g. a hotel has not collected any data yet, it will be considered in the total Number of Businesses but not be displayed in the table.

Please consider those three important notes:

  1. In order to create a Target for a different Assignee, you need to navigate to the respective Account.

  2. The Target will be visible to the Creator and the Assignee including all included Sub-accounts of the Assignee.

  3. Only the Creator (and users of the same Account) can edit or delete targets. The changes will be applied for all Accounts included in this target.

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