9.1 General
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In the general settings, several tabs can be found:


The contact and address data of your business will be displayed in this section. Also, social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter are managed here.

Portal Accounts

This tab gives you the opportunity to connect Google, Facebook and Booking.com with your Customer Alliance system. The connection enables you to publish comments for these portals directly through Customer Alliance. We highly recommend setting up the connection in order to save time when commenting on reviews. For Facebook, the connection is particularly important, as Facebook recommendations can only be crawled when the connection is set up.


The Invoices tab helps you keep track of your Customer Alliance invoices and their current status. Further, you can download the invoices or set up a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.


An interface is an automated transfer from a Property Management System to your Customer Alliance backend. In order to set up an interface, you can select the PMS and CM you are using and send a request. Our support team will contact you and let you know whether an interface between your PMS and Customer Alliance is possible.

Portal set up

In this tab, you can see from which portals data is actively crawled. In case you are represented on a portal from which currently no data is crawled, you might be able to add it. To do so, scroll to inactive portals, click on the plus and check whether the portal you wish to add is available. If yes you can insert the link and save the portal.

In case you notice that a wrong portal URL is set up for one of the portals, please send the correct URL to the support team in order to get it changed.

Data management

The data management tab gives you two possibilities:

  1. Delete guest data

Select a time after which guest data is automatically deleted. Please keep in mind that deleting guest data also means that all data from the blacklist will be deleted. Data that has been deleted can not be restored.

  1. Archive reviews

Customer Alliance reviews can be archived after a set amount of time. Archived reviews will not be published anymore and won’t count into the satisfaction index. Archiving reviews can be a great way to improve your rating for example after extensive renovations took place. Archiving reviews is irreversible.


In this tab, you can see which insights are activated, meaning for which topics you will receive hints. In case you don’t wish to receive insights about specific topics anymore, you can deactivate those.

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