9.2 Distribution
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In this section, you can set up the distribution to other portals. With Customer Alliance you not only have the opportunity to collect reviews for your own website, but also for external portals like Tripadvisor, Facebook, HolidayCheck, Yelp, and Zoover. In the distribution section, you can set up which percentage of guests will be forwarded to which portal.

There are two distribution strategies you may choose from:

  1. The Customer Alliance and Tripadvisor option on the left side

  2. The Customer Alliance and other portals option on the right

Only one option can be activated at a time. You can see which side is currently active by the displayed “active” flag.

The distribution percentage to Customer Alliance will adjust automatically when changing the percentage for external portals.


In order to set up distribution to Tripadvisor, you first have to accept the terms of use. After doing so, the box to set up the percentage will appear.

Other portals:

HolidayCheck: The portal “HolidayCheck” can only be adjusted through the language-based overrides in German, as this portal is only available in German.

Google: we recommend to always leave the percentage for Google at 0%, as a google review can only be submitted with a google email address. To ensure that only guests with a google email address will be forwarded to google we recommend using the option „Redirect all guests with Gmail addresses to Google“. This option can be found at the bottom of the page, but only when “other portals” are activated.

Language-based overrides

Setting up a language-based override means that the general distribution settings won’t be applied for the selected language. Therefore, you can set up a distribution specifically for guests who speak a certain language.

For example, a distribution to HolidayCheck can be set up for German-speaking guests or distribution to Zoover for guests speaking Dutch. Please keep in mind that using the language-based overrides, requires including the language in the guest list.

Rotation between distribution strategies

As soon as the terms of use for Tripadvisor have been accepted, you may set up a rotation between the two distribution strategies.

The rotation can be adjusted manually or set up with a time cycle. The latter one gives you the opportunity to select a time frame, for example, a week, or a month, after which the rotation is changed automatically. If you want to regularly work with both strategies, we recommend setting up a time cycle. This will save you time and ensure that the rotation won’t be forgotten.

Further options

At the end of the distribution page, several options can be activated or deactivated. The first two options are always visible, the two last ones only when the “other portals” side is activated.

Activating the first two boxes gives you the possibility to publish Customer Alliance reviews on Trivago and Idealo. Those portals only display reviews from other portals without collecting reviews on their own.

The other two options give you the opportunity to collect more reviews on Google. You can set up an automated redirection of guests with Gmail addresses to Google and decide whether you would like to use an additional button on the “Thank you” page, where guests can leave a second review on Google.

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