9.4 Survey Builder
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The survey builder is divided into your review questionnaire and feedback forms. While the results of the review questionnaire will be published, the private feedback is solely used for internal evaluations. The Private Feedback function is only available for customers using the Customer Experience Hub.

Review Questionnaire

The questionnaire can be set up to meet the exact requirements of your business.


Active and inactive questions

The questionnaire is divided into active and inactive questions. Only active questions appear on the current version of the questionnaire. Once a question was answered by a guest, it can no longer be deleted. Therefore, a question you no longer wish to ask has to be set on inactive. To do so, please click on the blue dot on the left side of the question. The question will then appear in the inactive section. To reactivate a question click on the red button.


The loudspeaker indicates that this question will be published on the certificate/website

Active question

Inactive question

Predefined & translated rating scale

Custom rating scale

First Question

In the first question (question 0), the title and subtitle of the questionnaire can be edited. The subtitle and description appear at the top of the questionnaire and can help to persuade guests to submit a review.

Last Question

The last question (colored red) always refers to the “Thank you” page, the guest will see after submitting a Customer Alliance review. Besides adjusting the text, you can further select whether the Facebook page and/or social media sharing icons should be shown.

Rating questions: CSAT, CES, NPS

Customer Effort Score (CES) → Effort, Easiness of your services

Net Promoter Score (NPS) → Loyalty, Likelihood of recommendation

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) → Satisfaction

Text questions

Choice: Single answer and Multiple answers.

“How would you describe your overall experience?”

Type of Journey

Editing questions

For each question you have several editing options:

Add conditional question

For example:

  • multiple choice question “Did you have breakfast with us?”

  • If yes, rating scale for breakfast

Add subquestion

Edit question settings and text

Move question

The text of a question can only be edited as long as it hasn’t been answered yet. The settings however can be adjusted anytime.

Following settings are possible (depending on question type):

  • Required: the guest has to answer the question in order to submit the review

  • Show in the certificate: the question will only be published if this box is ticked. A question without this setting activated is not counted into the satisfaction index. Changing this setting for questions that have already been answered, will not adjust the overall rating of a review. A change can only be made for future questionnaires!

  • Time-based: questions can be set up for a specific time frame. This can be particularly useful for questions about seasonal events.

  • Show comment field: gives guests the opportunity to write a comment after rating a rating scale.

Adding questions

On the right side of the questionnaire you can find the types of questions you can use. Questions are divided into custom and predefined, translated questions.

The predefined questions have been professionally translated. Therefore, the text of those questions can not be edited.

To add a question to the questionnaire, select the type of question you would like to ask and drag it to the desired position.

In case of a customizable question, you can now write the text.

In order to save a custom question, it is necessary to set up the translations for the question. You can do so by clicking on the translate button. The question will then be translated by Google translator, but can also be adjusted by yourself.

In the preview, you can have a look at the saved questionnaire. In case you want to look at changes you just made, keep in mind to save the questionnaire first, in order to see the changes in the preview. In the preview, you can further see the “Thank you” page. The text for the “Thank you” page can be adjusted in the last question in the questionnaire. You can notice it by its red colour.

Preset questions

Some questions are already preset when starting to work with Customer Alliance. While all can be deleted before the first review has been submitted, there are some questions we recommend keeping. In general, there always has to be at least one rating scale question that will be published in order to save the questionnaire. Otherwise, it would not be possible to get a review rating.

Specific questions we recommend to keep:

  • “How would you describe your overall experience?”

This question is important for the general comment of your review. If you delete this question, there will be no overall comment. The predefined setting is always set on a minimum of 20 characters. You can decrease the amount or deactivate minimum characters altogether.

  • “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”

This question refers to the Net Promoter Score, which gives you insights into your recommendation rate.

Your email address

The predefined email question has the option to only appear when the guest email ends on “guest.booking.com”. This gives you the opportunity to collect personal email addresses from guests that booked via booking.com.

Type of Journey & Your age

Those questions are important for the segmentation. Please keep in mind that the segmentation statistics can only be collected through predefined questions.


The question “Would you like to subscribe to the newsletter of Customer Care Hotel?”

Will help you to collect the email addresses of guests who wish to receive a newsletter. Please refer to the section Guest > Newsletter for further information.

Styling options

Underneath the question types, you can further find some styling options for your questionnaire. You can either insert a subheading or a dividing line to separate the questionnaire into sections.

General settings

In this section, the general settings of the questionnaire can be edited.

Rating Scale

Here the rating scale can be adjusted. It is pre-set on a 1 to 5 rating scale. You can choose between different rating scales and select the one that best fits your needs.

Styling options

There are several styling options that can be adjusted:

  • Logo: choose whether the logo should be included and where it should be positioned

  • Placeholder: when activated placeholder texts will be shown in open text questions

  • Background: choose between the default background, the colour from “Styling” or upload an image to personalise your questionnaire


Select in which languages the questionnaire will be translated.


The text of the footer is pre-set but can be adjusted in this section.

Private Feedback

The number of available feedback questionnaires differs depending on your package.

To set up private feedback click on “add new”. In the general settings, you have to give the feedback form a name.

For further settings and the setup of the questions, please refer to the “Review Questionnaire” section.

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