9.5 Design
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In the design section, you can adjust the settings of the widget and certificate and set up a general colour theme.


Colour theme

  • Main colour: used for display of invitation and widget

  • Button colour: primary button colour for the widget, certificate, and invitations (as the text colour on buttons is always white, we recommend not to use a very light colour)

  • Background: used for certificate and questionnaire (depending on questionnaire settings)

  • Overlay text colour: colour for text that appears over the main colour

Logo & Header image

When uploading a logo or header image, keep the recommended formats in mind. The logo will be used for the certificate, invitations, and questionnaire, while the header image is used for the certificate.

Certificate and Widget

This section gives you the opportunity to adjust the settings for your widget and certificate. The widget code does not change when settings are adjusted. Therefore, settings can also be changed after embedding the widget on the website.

External portals

  • Show ratings of external portals on the certificate

  • If this option is not used, the rating on the widget will only represent the Customer Alliance reviews

Position & Orientation

  • Choose where the widget should be positioned on your website and whether you want it displayed vertical or horizontal


  • You can either select a language, in which the widget is displayed or choose automatic detection, which will display the widget in the browser language

Generate code

  • Here you can find the widget code and send it directly to your web designer

In the tab “External Links” the booking link can be adjusted. This is the link to which guests are forwarded when clicking on “book now”. The text on the button can be changed to “More Info” or “Offers”. However, this change can only be conducted by Customer Alliance. If you wish to change the wording to one of the other options, please contact the support team.

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