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Written by Stewart Taylor-McLaughlin
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Smart Snippets let you train your AI Reply Assistant to handle recurring topics in your reviews. These topics could be positive (like “pet-friendly”) or negative (like “expensive parking”).

When you’ve set up Smart Snippets, your AI Reply Assistant will know how to reply when these topics come up. It won’t just parrot the information you provide, but will incorporate it into a unique response.

How to create Smart Snippets

You can create up to 10 Smart Snippets, each consisting of two parts — the complaint or praise and the corresponding reply. To add them, go to your Review Stream settings.

  1. Add a complaint or praise

Enter a topic that comes up frequently in your reviews, making sure it's specific enough for the AI to recognise when it should be used.

For example, a vague description like “vegan breakfast” can be confusing since it could refer to either positive or negative comments. Improve it by being more specific: “no vegan breakfast options” or “lots of vegan breakfast options” are better options.

  1. Add a Response

Guide your AI Reply Assistant by providing a typical response to the chosen topic. The response doesn’t have to be perfect — just make sure to include all the vital information you want the AI to include. Finally, save your changes.

How to use Smart Snippets

Once set up, your AI Reply Assistant will automatically incorporate Smart Snippets when replying to a review that contains the relevant complaint or praise.

Troubleshooting your Smart Snippets

Occasionally, the AI may not detect or might misinterpret a topic from your Smart Snippets. If this happens, revisit how you've entered the complaint or praise in the settings.

It should:

  • refer to a clearly positive or clearly negative topic

  • be written broadly enough that the response snippet will be used in all relevant cases

  • Be detailed enough that the response snippet will be used in only relevant cases

For instance, a complaint like “no machine in the room for hot drinks” is specific and clearly negative. The AI Reply Assistant will understand to use this when a review mentions the inability to make tea or coffee, or the absence of a kettle.

However, if the complaint was "no coffee machine in the room," it might be too specific, and the AI may not trigger your Smart Snippet response if a review doesn't explicitly mention coffee.

If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support Team with specific examples. We're committed to continually improving Smart Snippets and will be happy to help.

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